• Sun. Aug 14th, 2022

Cryptocurrencies show that “the end of the world is near”

ByHazel R. Lang

Jul 28, 2022

A Christian pastor has warned that digital currencies are the “mark of the beast” and a sign that the end of the world is near, the daily star reported. Speaking on his YouTube channel, Pastor Tom Hughes claimed the Bible predicted that savings would become cashless at the end of days and nothing can be done to stop it. One elated viewer commented, “I can’t believe we’re even alive to witness the beast system unfold! We are so lucky to be the last!!!”

The nightclub closes because the young people are rude

Young people are rowdy, drunk and disrespectful, according to an Italian nightclub owner who closed his venue last weekend. Writing on Facebook, Daniele Lamperti told young clubbers: “We are closing because you have really pissed us off. We are fed up with your bickering, your arrogance, your presumption, your bad manners, your ignorance, your lack of respect for working people, your idea that everything is due to you. The temperature said Lamperti was enraged by strangers calling him “Dani”, “brother” or “uncle”.

Dogs can “see” with their noses

American scientists have said that dogs may be able to use their noses to see as well as smell. Researchers and veterinarians at Cornell University in New York examined canine brain scans and discovered a different pathway in the minds of dogs that connects to the part of the brain that deals with smell and the area of ​​the brain that processes visuals. The mirror stated that this explains how some blind dogs can play fetch even though they cannot see the ball visually.

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