• Wed. Jun 22nd, 2022

Dogecoin, Terra & Bitcoin – American Wrap May 25

ByHazel R. Lang

May 25, 2022

Bullish or bearish? Dogecoin price is poised for a spike in volatility

Dogecoin price continues to show the need for balance in the steep price decline. The bears have been able to short the digital asset with prolonged impulse waves since May 12th. The current consolidation is unwinding unpredictably. This could be early evidence of bearish exhaustion. Intraday traders should look for a truncated five-wave pattern before the next bullish rally occurs.

Terra’s LUNA Fork Could Arrive Tomorrow, Here’s How You Should Prepare

Terra’s LUNA 2.0 testnet is now live, the snapshot could take place on May 26th, and the mainnet launch is set to take place as early as Friday, May 27th, completing the LUNA fork. Terra’s mainnet launch will come with an airdrop for eligible LUNA and UST holders. Terra Community whistleblowers have gathered legal support and a litigation fund to file a lawsuit against Terraform Labs and its co-founders.

Why Renowned Technical Analysts Think Bitcoin Price Has Bottomed

Bitcoin price has recently been dominated by bearish sentiment, but the BTC trend may be approaching a reversal. Several leading analysts in the crypto community claim that the price action of Bitcoin has developed more erratically over the years and that the decrease in “cycles” implies that Bitcoin has bottomed out.

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