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Geopoly releases alpha version of blockchain-based game – Bitcoin Planet Press Release

ByHazel R. Lang

Jul 14, 2022

PRESS RELEASE. Geopoly has announced the launch of a blockchain-based alpha version of the game, which will be playable via desktop computers. It is a game in which players can interact with the blockchain with their respective non-fungible Geopoly tokens while simultaneously enjoying the gameplay and earning income at the same time. Additionally, NFT holders who are actively playing the desktop game are also entitled to receive $GEO tokens on a weekly basis as compensation for their time and effort.

Moreover, Geopoly also offers a mobile and freemium version which allows users to play the game for free. Then, if players choose, they can even “win and win” by upgrading to the blockchain version with the same credentials, allowing them to pick up where they left off in the desktop version.

In terms of what it is, Geopoly can therefore be understood as an economic simulator that allows people to rent, buy, improve and sell real estate as well as commercial assets based on their geolocation. Geopoly was built through a system that relies on both off-chain and on-chain layers which are then used to provide users with a dynamic, immersive, and memorable real-world oriented game experience.

What else should you know about Geopoly?

Starting in July, the “Geopoly Auctions” market will open, allowing players to sell their NFTs at a price they choose while others can bid on them for a minimum of 24 hours. The NFT will then be awarded to the highest bidder. This is a brand new and exciting way for NFT holders to sell their non-fungible tokens and profit, in addition to being able to also purchase an NFT from another player or through Geopoly itself. This month’s auctions include landmarks such as the Hollywood Sign, Ponte Vecchio, Flame Towers, London Eye, Seul Tower and Maracana Stadium.

Additionally, a number of popular NFTs have already been sold out, including the Louvre Museum and even world famous stadiums such as Santiago Bernabeu, Camp Nou, Old Trafford and Wembley. Additionally, Geopoly recently partnered with NextNav, which will provide the technology that Geopoly will implement into its framework in the future. This will include NextNav’s 3D geolocation capabilities, enabling more dynamic virtual experiences tied to users’ real environments and leveraging location verification to confirm transactions as well as interactions within the metaverse.

Essentially, building the metaverse requires 3D geolocation technology. With this in mind, NextNav’s technology would not only power gaming experiences, but would also be a critical authenticator for location-based activities such as exclusive exhibits, NFT scavenger hunts, and land and water transactions. digital real estate.

Finally, Sebastian Borget, one of the main advisers, will also work with Geopoly, which is also a proud member of the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA). Sebastian is also the COO of The Sandbox (SAND), one of the most popular P2E metaverse-based games today.

Past Achievements and Future Goals

Geopoly was released on mobile in 2018 and was included in the list of top four most innovative mobile games on iOS by Apple Latam team during the soft launch period. Additionally, he was chosen from 1,700 applicants from 37 countries to participate in the Global GOOGLE Indie Games Accelerator 2019.

Geopoly has also collaborated with Seedify, Enjstarter, Poolz, and NFTPad by Trustpad to launch the public sale of $GEO tokens, which can also be earned through Geopoly NFTs. It is further supported by major blockchain platforms such as GD10, AU21, X21, Polygon, and various other notable entities. Finally, within 48 hours of its launch, the private sale had reached its cap of $3 million. This achievement demonstrates that investors view Geopoly as a very promising platform to become one of the biggest gaming hubs in the blockchain space in the future.

In terms of future goals, Geopoly will continue to develop and improve its product while expanding its player base. In order to make the game more fun and exciting, the team is also working on introducing a PvP mode, where players could attack each other, steal non-token resources and defend their own territories in this upcoming new game mode.

About Geopoly

Traditional finance-based simulation games have various flaws, as only publishers tend to reap the rewards. In such situations, players usually only act as end-users who purchase in-game items without the possibility of earning out-of-game rewards.

The industry has since been transformed by the innovative use of blockchain technology, which allows all sorts of in-game assets to be successfully exchanged for different tokens which can then be turned into fiat currencies. Geopoly, with its revolutionary game ecosystem, is one of the platforms at the forefront of this new digital revolution.

Geopoly chose Polygon as the basis for their chain game. Polygon is a layer 2 blockchain protocol that offers scalability as well as low transaction costs through the Ethereum blockchain. Now, thanks to the launch of the aforementioned alpha version, Geopoly is ready to take the next step in accordance with its official roadmap.

For more information and regular updates, visit the official Geopoly website and the TwitterTelegram, Medium and Discord.

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