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QA consultants now accept digital currency for services and payments


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QA Consultants is now accepting crypto payments based on growing customer demands from several crypto and blockchain companies.

Allowing our customers to have the flexibility to make payments in this way is just the first step as we envision the future of smart contracts and other distributed ledger technologies…”

— Brian Bernknopf, US Managing Director

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, March 10, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — QA Consultants, North America’s largest independent software quality engineering services company, today announced that it has implemented procedures and a technology to accept crypto payments based on growing customer demand in several crypto and blockchain businesses. QA Consultants has seen demand for its services in various cryptocurrency engagements increase and says it plans to continue to service the quality engineering needs of similar clients in the future.

Brian Bernknopf, US Managing Director and Head of Blockchain Initiatives at QA Consultants, said: “As we have seen the number of our blockchain and crypto projects increase this year, the number of requests to support these types of transactions has also increased. increase. We will continue to evaluate and evolve our strategies as the market evolves. Enabling our customers to have the flexibility to make payments in this way and our ability to pay suppliers in this way is only the first step as we envision the future of smart contracts and other distributed ledger and the requests our customers make to us.

Crypto and blockchain-related business continues to accelerate as client projects become more diverse, and as such, it’s only natural that QA consultants continue to evolve to meet the unique needs of its clients. customers and its suppliers. According to the CoinDesk 2021 Annual Crypto Review, total crypto payment volume increased by 100%. Bitcoin alone has overtaken PayPal in terms of quarterly volume processed by 61%. Major brands around the world now accept crypto, including Microsoft, Starbucks, Amazon, and many more. A recent HSB National Survey conducted by Zogby Analytics found that at least one-third or approximately 36% of small and medium-sized businesses in the United States now accept Bitcoin as payment for goods and services.

Although QA Consultants expects less than 5% of annual revenue to come from Crypto at this point, it will continue to accept and evaluate payment options as new opportunities arise. With the proliferation of decentralized financial technologies, products and services, cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular and available to mainstream customers. QA Consultants is committed to evolving its business practices and service offerings as transaction and payment methods change, but more importantly, as our clients’ application technology also evolves in this space, requiring a continuous focus on quality, scalability and security.

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QA Consultants is the largest and oldest independent software quality engineering services firm in North America. QA Consultants provides an alternative onshore delivery model with a professional team whose careers are dedicated to quality engineering and supported by industry-leading proprietary quality assurance and automation frameworks. Traditional software testing services include functional testing (manual and automated), performance engineering, inclusion/accessibility, auditing/consulting, and application security vulnerability, among other QA disciplines .

QA Consultants operates a strong emerging technologies practice that has partnered with Canadian government agencies and research institutions with a focus on quality engineering solutions for connected and autonomous vehicles, AI and blockchain technologies. QA Consultants offers managed services and results-based programs, as well as traditional T&M and fixed-price engagements. For 27 years, QA Consultants has consistently proven that independent quality assurance is cost-effective, value-based and effective. QA Consultants is industry independent, with deep roots in banking, insurance, retail, government, software/technology and transportation.

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