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To bring order to an uncontrolled world of cryptocurrencies, The Reaper removes excess tokens

ByHazel R. Lang

May 12, 2022

The Reaper is a platform that aims to bring death to cryptocurrencies that are oversaturated with supply. The Reaper system consists of a voting mechanism, where members of The Reaper community can vote for other tokens to permanently reduce their supply.

UNITED STATES – Reaper Financial LLC believes that the Blockchain era has spawned millions of new tokens and thousands of cryptocurrencies. Many of these cryptocurrencies and other children of the blockchain pollute the ecosystem and add little or no value to those who buy them. Some of these blockchains often trick people into investing their money, while providing no value to their interests. The Reaper is here to put an end to these misleading and underperforming tokens that are hitting the market daily.

The Reaper operates through RPR Token, RPR holders can vote on the destruction and deletion of certain tokens. This voting process does not cost them any RPR tokens. The system creates an economic engine for the disposal of undersold assets.

On a monthly basis, The Reaper will increase the total supply by a maximum of 1% and sell this supply on the market at its market value. Proceeds from RPR’s monthly release harvest are used to buy the most voted cryptocurrencies on the market, selected by RPR token holders. Token holders also receive payment in XRP in the form of passive income simply airdropped into their wallet.

The process of “harvesting” or destroying may seem threatening, but it creates value in the market. By removing tokens that are oversold, The Reaper continuously decreases supply in an effort to create a new balance with demand. The Reaper is only expected to grow in the near future. This is because harvesting can have a huge impact on small cap coins. As The Reaper grows and removes smaller parts, it can also create major shocks on larger projects. The Reaper is like a black hole for the surplus market.

The CEO of The Reaper, Patrick Riley, said:The majority of DeFi options simply do not fit working models. For example, token holders of other DeFi projects are staking in order to receive an ever smaller portion of their own token due to the fixed supply. However, The Reaper is dripping with XRP, a base pair currency, which will never diminish the value of RPR with the distribution of DeFi. Reaper separates from the typical Bull-Bear cycles and onto its own “harvest” cycle. As a result, The Reaper disrupts the most disruptive technology in modern history.

About The Grim Reaper:

The Reaper provides an economic engine through which Reaper users can use their share of RPR tokens to vote on the destruction of other tokens. This harvesting process aims to improve the blockchain world. Since its launch, The Reaper has performed ten Reapings destroying over $300,000 worth of cryptocurrency.

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