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Top 13 Metaverse World Cryptocurrencies to Watch in May 2022

ByHazel R. Lang

May 30, 2022

The metaverse sector of the crypto industry may be one of the latest trends, but that doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of exciting projects. In fact, new ones keep popping up, and in the past 7 months, the metaverse sector has received over 200. The diversity among them is also quite high, with some following an established path and others experimenting and trying to do something new and unique.

And, of course, there are many new blockchain-based games that use metaverse technology to develop a new type of gaming experience that is rewarding in more ways than one. Today we wanted to check out some of the best metaverse cryptocurrencies and hopefully point you in the direction of several that you might be interested in.

1. Illuvia

We decided to start our list with Illuvium – a popular Pokemon-like game that offers a vast open world populated by creatures called Illuvials. The player is tasked with locating these creatures and defeating them in battle. Once they have done this, they can heal the creatures and have them join the player. After that, the player can use them to fight other Illuvials and have them join his crew or fight against other players to earn rewards by coming out victorious in these battles.

Illuvium is the first AAA game to emerge on the Ethereum network, and we believe it holds great potential for growth in the blockchain gaming industry.

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2. Axie Infinity

Then we have Axie Infinity, which is the biggest metaverse-based game in the industry. The game shares many similarities with our previous entry, such as the fact that it offers a vast open world that players can explore with their creatures called Axies.

Each Axie comes in the form of an NFT, so when the player obtains one, they are the sole true owner of the creature as long as they hold their NFT. Creatures can be upgraded with over 500 different body parts that give them the special abilities needed to win battles against other players and earn AXS Tokens as rewards. Finally, players can also breed their creatures with each other to create new and unique ones, then keep them or sell them for profit.

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3. Decentralization

In third place we have Decentraland – perhaps the oldest metaverse project in the entire industry. Decentraland has been around for years, providing a digital world where users can purchase digital plots of land and use them for a variety of use cases. Some choose to use this land for software development, or to run a business, or even to design and play games.

However, the most popular use so far has been to host digital events and meetups that users can join. This use case has become particularly popular due to COVID restrictions, and even some large organizations such as the Australian Open have used Decentraland for a digital version of their local events.

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4. Reef

Our fourth entry is Reef, or Reliable Extensible Efficient Fast Layer 1 blockchain for DeFi, NFT, and gaming. The project was created using Substrate Framework and offers high levels of scalability, which, in turn, enables low-cost and near-instantaneous transactions. Additionally, it supports EVM and Solidity, which means Ethereum-based dApps can easily migrate to this network.

So far, Reef has been the most advanced EVM-enabled blockchain that is self-scaling, and it features self-governance. Moreover, it has a unique infrastructure that enables EVM extensions, native token bridges, and many other features that could make it one of the crucial projects for the future of this industry and interoperability.

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5. Truth

Ranking fifth, we have Verasity, which is the next-gen project developed to support video sharing. Its goal is to create a fair system for creators to earn from their work, as well as advertisers who would earn real value for the advertising dollars they pay.

Many traditional streaming and video websites use bots to display ads, thereby incentivizing advertisers to continue paying for ads. Meanwhile, they pay their content creators very little which prevents them from earning decent money for their work. Verasity aims to change that with its PoW protocol technology and become the first patented protocol layer that produces accurate, secure and verifiable audience measurement. As a result, users can watch, win and play on its Esportfightclub platform.

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6. Vulcan Forged PYR

Then we have Vulcan Forged, which is a blockchain game studio and NFT marketplace that uses the project’s native PYR token to pay marketplace fees, stake VulcanVerse, upgrade and maintain game asset levels, P2E rewards and access to game and NFT developers. dApp incubation program.

The project includes several products, including a fantasy metaverse VulcanVerse; Anvil, a crypto-free and gas-free NFT engine; Vulcan Market, a gasless NFT marketplace for Vulcan Forged games; Berserk, an NFT online TGG; and finally, Frenzy, which is a build-it-yourself tournament platform that uses PYR as a reward token.

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7. PlayDapp

In the middle of the list we have PlayDapp, which features a token called PLA. It is a digital asset used in the PlayDapp blockchain gaming ecosystem to purchase and trade non-fungible token-based items in various games. The project also has its own C2C market, where these tokens can be traded.

Apart from this, the aim of PlayDapp is to bring uncrypted game players into the world of blockchain games by using its service platform, which is very user-friendly and provides PG solutions for playing games without having to rely on crypto.

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8. My Neighbor Alice

Moving on to number eight, we have MyNeighborAlice, which is another gaming metaverse project inspired by the popular game Animal Crossing. The game offers users to purchase NFTs, each representing a digital island, where players can collect resources and build different things.

The best part, however, is that players never come into direct contact with the blockchain, which makes gaming a great way to onboard non-blockchain players. All transactions go through an NPC called Alice. Meanwhile, playing the game can be rewarding as players can get crypto by completing tasks and participating in competitions.

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9. ApeCoin

ApeCoin is an ERC-20 token, which means it was built on the network of Ethereum. It is a utility and governance token for the APE ecosystem. As such, it empowers and encourages the decentralized community, putting itself at the forefront of Web3.

ApeCoin is one of the highest ranked metaverse tokens because it offers a variety of benefits. In addition to being used for voting as a governance token, it can also provide access to parts of the ecosystem that would otherwise be unavailable, including exclusive games and services.

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10. Decentralized games

The tenth project on our list is Decentral Games, which is a project that creates free P2E games in its metaverse, and allows gamers economic freedom through the use of aligned incentives, self-guarding, and delegation of yield-bearing metaverse assets.

One of the first games in the project is a metaverse poker game called ICE Poker, which generates revenue for DG Treasury through NFT mints, secondary royalty sales, activations and upgrades. As for DG, it acts as a governance token for the decentralized gaming treasury, which as established collects value from the ICE Poker ecosystem.

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Then we have Ultra, which is a publishing platform and ecosystem for video games and all kinds of video game content. The project wants to eliminate the monopoly held by publishing platforms such as Steam, and provide new opportunities for game developers, players, but also influencers connected to the gaming industry.

Players benefit by playing games in its metaverse, which are immediately available. They also earn its native UOS token along the way and gain access to games exclusive to that platform. Developers, on the other hand, have access to more effective marketing tools and can earn up to 20% more sales revenue through the ability to cut out the middleman.

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12. Mines of Dalarnia

Mines of Dalarnia is a Minecraft-inspired game where players can rent LAND from landowners and use it to mine rare minerals, relics, and more. They can then use the assets they discover while mining to build and upgrade tools or sell them to others.

The game became hugely popular even when it was still in beta, and its recent release on the project’s mainnet has attracted even more players interested in a relaxing yet rewarding gaming experience.

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13. The Sandbox

Last, but not least, we have The Sandbox, which is a metaverse project that allows gamers to create their own games in its virtual world. Moreover, players can also create, build, buy and sell various digital assets in games. Games can be P2E, which rewards players and makes games more popular.

The Sandbox allows gamers to become developers and create games that they have always wanted to play, and then offer them to others as well. It combines the powers of DAO and NFT to create a thriving gaming community, which has never existed before.

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The sector of the metaverse is growing day by day, while its projects are becoming more and more refined and interesting. It’s impressive to see how far the industry has come in just over six months since it hit the spotlight, and we’re very interested in following its development.

The projects listed above are some of the best this sector of the blockchain industry has to offer, so if you are interested in one or more, we recommend that you at least keep an eye out for them and wait for the good time to invest. Or, if you like them enough, you can join now – the decision is entirely yours.

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