• Wed. May 25th, 2022

Webinar V5 Africa: Bitcoin – Going Digital

Why this webinar with Steven?
Countless experts have discussed the how, where and what of Bitcoin. Steven Torok will take us on an original journey on why you should start paying more attention to Bitcoin and digital currencies and the role they play in these disruptive times. Benefit from Steven’s expertise in the crypto markets and hear about the latest trends.

Why participate in V5 Africa now?

2022 is the year of data. Developing a data-driven strategy is key to carving out a competitive advantage. Throughout the V5 Africa webinar series, you will learn how to use data for business success. Engage in insightful discussions from prominent African and global speakers on digital topics including social media, the latest in chatbots, email marketing and CRM, and data. Come tune in to the webinar series that uses data and digital to connect Namibia to Africa and Africa to the world.

Why do we think you can benefit from it?

Meet inspiring speakers and experts throughout the V5 Africa webinar series. This is the premier event for mid-to-large sized business leaders and owners looking to grow digitally. Sound like you? The series’ focused approach ensures you’ll learn from the experts exactly what you need to know about the latest digital tools and trends.

March 16, 2022 at 12:00 (GMT+2)


V5 Africa Keynote Speaker / Founder / Torok Consulting

Steven is an independent consultant, based in Germany, who has been supporting companies in their digital transformations (DX) for more than 20 years. His industry experience includes aerospace, pharmaceuticals, and retail (among others).

Being personally interested in history, business, and technology, Bitcoin was just waiting to be discovered by Steven. After going over the subject several times, in 2020 Steven finally took a look under the hood.


Host V5 Africa / Founder at V5 Digital

Armin is an experienced digital marketer with a demonstrated track record of working across industry verticals. He is passionate about the disruptive opportunities offered by digital transformation and the customer-centric possibilities of marketing automation. He is exceptionally proud of the growing number of Customer Trailblazers using V5 Digital’s services and expertise. He enjoys spending his free time farming, teaching his German Shepherd Gulivier new tricks, and traveling abroad, especially to Dreamforce. In fact, Armin loves kitesurfing – even though he keeps falling off his board.

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