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Zenith Chain announces the launch of a centralized exchange with support for 200 cryptocurrencies in 175 countries

Zenith Chain announces the launch of a centralized exchange with support for 200 cryptocurrencies in 175 countries

Zenith Chain, a peer-to-peer digital network that aims to implement use-case-specific blockchain, has announced the launch of its long-awaited CEX platform with support for over 200 major cryptocurrencies. -currencies in 175 countries. The zenith CEX is scheduled for release on March 10, 2022.

Zenith CEX is a state-of-the-art crypto exchange that offers secure trading. The zenith CEX is a regulated exchange platform that handles critical issues such as security, liquidity, and fiat-to-crypto transactions and vice versa, among others. The exchange is one of the few fully insured markets in the world. with the zenithcex.com trading software, you can trade your altcoin, bitcoin or . Some of the main trading features of the CEX trading platform include:

Spot Trading: The Zenith CEX, like any other leading centralized exchange, offers spot trading alternatives. Users can easily buy and sell their favorite tokens or coins. They can either use the “Limit Buy” option to set the price at which they want to buy a specific currency or token. Users can, on the other hand, use the “Buy in the market” option to decide how much of their current asset they want to spend on another token or coin.

Margin Trading: Users who want to increase their trading earnings can use Zenith CEX’s margin trading option. This trading option multiplies trading results, allowing traders to profit more from bargains. To get started, users will need to deposit a percentage of the total order value. After opening the trade, they can choose to sell Long or Short.

P2P Commerce: P2P is a type of commerce that takes place between users rather than between users and the exchange. This option allows them to buy and sell bitcoins directly from or to other users.

Real-Time Pricing: Zenith CEX offers real-time pricing, unlike many other centralized exchanges. Users will be able to see price changes as they happen as prices change in real time. Users can also get detailed price history on the exchange. Users have the ability to access the price history they want. 1 minute, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, 1 day, 1 week or 1 month are all possibilities. They will be able to read the graph more clearly and make more accurate predictions accordingly.

The Zenith chain was designed to efficiently manage a single function: the transfer of assets from one party to another. Using Proof of Authority (POA) consensus, which allows for faster block times and lower fees. The most related staking candidates will become validators and produce blocks. Chain security, stability, and finality are all ensured by double sign detection and other cutting logic. EVM-enabled smart contracts and protocols are also supported by the Zenith chain. Due to native interoperability capabilities, cross-chain transfer and other communications are permitted.

The reward structure of the Zenith Chain system is amazing and certain parameters can influence how the rewards are distributed. The Zenith Chain system uses a decentralized peer-to-peer exchange network, which is a software platform that allows crypto market participants to trade directly with each other without the need for a third party. Zenith Chain does not store any coins or private keys on central servers as it uses a decentralized exchange mechanism. The user has control over their funds and can use hardware wallets and anonymous accounts. Zenith Chain users can receive rewards from apps that use blockchain technology to provide points in the decentralized network.

Zenith Exchange is one of the most secure CEX

Zenith is going to launch one of the most secure centralized trading platforms available on the market today with features like cold wallet support, biometric login and more. The Zenith Chain development team has opted to keep all digital assets on the exchange in a cold wallet to protect the security of the digital assets held there. A cold wallet is hardware developed exclusively to hold cryptocurrencies. Unlike software wallets, the hardware wallet is impenetrable to hackers. To acquire access to a cold wallet, they must first obtain the cold wallet.

In addition to the web version, the project will provide Android and iOS applications for the Zenith CEX. Biometric fingerprint capability will be available to customers who download either app. This feature will further strengthen token security. Moreover, biometric authentication remains the most secure type of protection. It is difficult for a hacker to gain access to users’ digital funds unless they can forge their fingerprints.

Multiple authentications are another Zenith CEX security feature. Users must use two-factor authentication when logging into their accounts and transferring funds from Zenith CEX to another crypto wallet. Users must prove they are the owners of the account when entering their password on a new device.

Zenith CEX will send a security code to the user’s authenticator email address, phone number or app when logging in. Users must correctly enter the passcode provided to them to access their accounts. If they don’t, they won’t be able to access their account. This is also true when it comes to money transfers. Before a user can successfully transfer digital assets to another wallet, they must correctly enter the code sent to them.

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